Iranian National Petanque Championships 2023

Iranian National Petanque Championships 2023

Petanque post - Iranian National Petanque Championships 2023 - Iran

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Iranian National Petanque Championships 2023

The 13th Iranian National Triples and Shooting Championships for Men and Women took place during the 14th to the 18th February 2023 at Sari, Mazandaran Province in Iran.
It was held together with the General Assembly of the Boules & Petanque Association of Iran (BPAI) where the BPAI Top Players Competed in Farah Abad Beach.
IT was the opportunity to launch and test the new facilities and petanque fields in the Farah Abad beach of Shahr Sari. They are part of the BPAI investment to enable them to host future international events with the support of the Ministry of Sport and Youth of Iran.

It counted with the presence of selected teams from 17 provinces of the country.
The round of competitions was led by Dr. Jassim Manouchehri, the high authority of petanque and bowls sports in the Central and Western Asia.
Founder and President of the BPAI, Excom Member of the ABSC and Director General for Developing Petanque and Bowls in the West and Central Asia Zone.

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