Us Open Petanque 2022 - October 8 & 9 In New York

Us Open Petanque 2022 - October 8 & 9 In New York

Petanque post - US OPEN petanque 2022 - October 8 & 9 in New York - United States

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The US OPEN petanque 2022 took place in New York on Octobre the 8th and 9th with the participation of great players like Dylan Rocher, Marco FOYOT, Damien HUREAU, Christophe SARRIO and Julien LAMOUR.

52 teams registered, here is the result of the competition :

* Competition A
Grand Champions US OPEN : Dylan ROCHER and Jean-Pierre SUBRENAT
2nd position : Christophe SARRIO and Shuchi VERMA
3rd position : Quentin DELANNOY and Sebastien CUFFY, Julien LAMOUR and Rolando CORDOVA
5th position : Damien HUREAU and Gian Carlo LANFRANCO, Will POIRE and Nestor GUEVARA, Daniel LAFRANCE and Yvon LEMELIN, Ayayi ZIggy KESSOUAGNI and Roland RAKOTONDRAMANANA

* Competition B
1st position : Mahefa ANDRIAMAMPIADANA and Haja RAZAKATIANA
2nd position : Houri BABA and Joseph HASSOUNE
3rd position : Christian CAZENAVE and Christian TRIAY, Olivier DUPEYRON and Komlan AGBEGNIGAN

* Competition C
1st postition : Alex CANESSE and Stefan NICOLAS
2nd position : Wendy RITZEMA and Gary COWBURN
3rd position : Rene VAN KESTEREN and Rik MOORLAG, Enrique ABELLA and Alexis FORCADA

Congratulations to the team of Dylan ROCHER and Jean-Pierre SUBRENAT for their victory of the US OPEN 2022 petanque.

Address of the competition : Pier a park, 100 Sinatra DR, HOBOKEN, NJ 07030

Do not hesitate to visit their website :


  • Thanks for such an amazing tournament, very pleased to participate in it! Congrats to everyone!

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